Performance / Interaktive Installation: Freitag, 25. November 2016, ab 19 Uhr

Przemyslaw Jezmirski

Die Vorstellung läuft im Anschluss an die Vernissage „Young Photographers 2016“

A project that is more of a performance art laboratory than a finite, clearly defined work. In making Transfer, we wereinspired by activities referring to behavioural theory. In the course of work we combined a study of human behaviour with the discoveries of contemporary theatre and body performance

Przemyslaw Jezmirski

“According to Walter Hilsbecher, a human being often has had enough of the tragic fate anddoes not find meaning in this perspective, thus beginning to view life as absurd. This is what the modern man is like – he lacks the patience to endure the tragedy of his existence, so he rebels, expressing dissatisfaction with himself and the world. The rebellion is absurd, because it is connected with an awareness of one’s own impotence, it does not lead anywhere, cannotchange anything – it is just a manifestation of helplessness. The absurdity here involves also severing the ties with the absolute order. Since the tragic existence appears as devoid of meaning, since human suffering and spiritual dilemmas cannot be justified, since there is nothing at the end of this torment, it seems all the more absurd to thrash desperately and try to oppose the course of things.”

(Quoted from the book by Artur Pastuszek: “Metaphysical grimaces. Witkacy’s pure form as a metaphysical category”)
This quote was the starting point for the project called Transfer. A project that is more of a performance art laboratory than a finite, clearly defined work. In making Transfer, we wereinspired by activities referring to behavioural theory. In the course of work we combined a study of human behaviour with the discoveries of contemporary theatre and body performance. Each session is a separate piece in a completely different space. Consequently, there are different assumptions about the relationship between the characters. What they have in common is the significance of space affecting the performers and determining their physical and emotional condition.
So far, two videos have been shot in two different places. The key to their interpretation is the Hilsbecher motto and the experimental nature of the project.

Przemysław Jeżmirski (1985)

Multimedia artist, usually involved in projects that combine digital, video, installation and performance art. Graduate of the University of Silesia (Cultural Studies and Film and Television Production), Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (Painting) and Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna. His projects were presented at: Mo Sound Concept Store (Vienna), Printa Gallery (Vienna), the Second International Triennial of Digital Media (Radom), the National Museum in Warsaw and Silesian Museum in Katowice. CEEPUS and two-time Erasmus scholarship beneficiary. Eager to engage in projects that pose new challenges and constantly raise the bar for his qualifications.